Leveraging your advertising investment to its fullest.

Holistically speaking, your advertising investment is about more than a balance sheet. Investing in your brand includes your media budget, production budget, allocation of internal resources and your own personal focus. You have a lot on the line. So, investing in a comprehensive marketing and media strategy is imperative to your brand’s growth and success.

Today’s market has more media investment opportunities than ever before. That means your media strategy must be wicked smart to be effective. It’s all about getting your firm in front of the right faces at the right time and for the right price.

To that end, when it comes to crafting a media plan for your firm, there’s far more to being successful besides just getting you on-air. You need to be everywhere!

Sporting events
Community events
Bus stops

In essence, it doesn’t matter if something is standing still, on the road or on the run, we can place your firm pretty much anywhere you need it to be.

Our media buying strategy for legal advertising

  • Top-of-Mind Awareness — It’s one thing to advertise your services after a prospective client needs you. It’s quite another for that client to automatically think of you in their precise moment of need. That’s what a good media plan delivers.
  • Repetition is the Key to Learning — Scholars in the field of education have consistently found that repetition is one of the most effective teaching tools. The human mind is hard-wired to respond to repetition. For example, television commercials owe some of their success to the fact that, by their very nature, they reach audiences on multiple occasions.
  • Understanding Ethics Rules — Relative to most other lines of business, law firms are at a disadvantage in advertising. Noble as they are, the ethics rules promulgated by your state bar likely restrict your ability to solicit clients to some considerable degree. Wide-net advertising, though, is not only permissible but also effective. There is a reason that TV advertising is so common among attorneys — it provides an effective counter to the marketing limitations inherent in your profession. At Network Affiliates, we are active in ensuring that all of our TV advertising for lawyers is compliant with the applicable rules of practice, and we welcome your partnership in that effort.
  • Right Place, Right Time — Television is everywhere. Living rooms, sure, but also retail floors, doctor’s offices, hospital rooms, and more. A well-placed ad can mean a multi-million-dollar case. Essential to any media buying strategy is the goal of reaching viewers in the right place and the right time, relative to your specific field of practice.

Our media buying team has truly mastered the art and science of placing advertising in the most strategic ways possible. They are truly “wicked smart!”

Our strategies include:

  • Audience Driven Media Purchasing
    Our business is knowing everything about yours. Our media team understands your potential clients’ perspective; their lifestyles, their preferences, and their culture, which enables us to devise the perfect plan to get their attention and drive results.
  • Competition Analysis: Standing out in the crowd
    Question: Do you know who your biggest competitor is?? It may not be who you think. At Network Affiliates, we utilize multiple resources that help us monitor the competitive landscape in your market, letting us…and you…stay ahead of the curve.
  • Data Driven Media: Form Follows Function
    We invest in the best tools and research data the industry has to offer. Our approach to media buying is data driven and revolves around extensive research on your target demographic and market.
  • Post Buy Analysis: Making good on the plan
    This is where we sit down and review the results of your campaigns. Did we meet our buying goals? Did the stations and programs deliver the viewers we were promised? Did our overall media buying strategy deliver, and where should we focus next?

Media buying and in-depth strategy is critical to successfully implementing any law firm marketing campaign. Smart choices make all the difference. Our media buying experts are ready to custom-create a buying strategy that uniquely suits your goals.

If you’d like to learn more about media buying and strategy for your law firm, give us a call today. We offer laser-focused marketing solutions designed to bring more clients to your firm.

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