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Network Affiliates is committed to providing quality legal messaging that speaks to the integrity of our attorneys, elevates their brand and connects with the heart and soul of their prospective clients.


Building legacy brands.

How it started

Network Affiliates isn’t like other legal marketing agencies. We’re the original…

If you do any legal advertising at all for your law firm, you know that along with advertising your legal services on television, nowadays there are literally a multitude of new and unexpected opportunities to promote your brand. You probably have a lot of questions…questions that may even be keeping you up at night:

“Am I in the right places at the right times for my audience to see me?”
“Am I making the most of my media spending and investment?”
“Is my messaging memorable?”
“How can I target and get bigger cases?”
“How can I improve my community outreach efforts?”
“Am I supporting my firm and my employees with all the tools they need to be successful?”
Or even “What on EARTH is OTT? Do I need it? How does it work? Will it make a meaningful difference to my success and bottom line??”

Rest assured… Network Affiliates can help solve all your legal advertising woes, allowing you to focus your attention where it belongs. With your clients!

So, while you’re happily counting sheep, you can count on us to:

  • Explore your firm and understand your unique message. Trust us: every firm has one.
  • Intensively research your competitors’ ads and develop personalized and unique campaigns that stand head and shoulders above theirs. Your ad will be the one that people remember.
  • Tailor your messaging. Too many firms beg for copious inquiries and they end up with countless calls from people who don’t have a case. We identify the kind of cases you want to attract, and we cleverly tailor our messaging toward that goal.
  • Deliver production values consistent with the best in our industrynot the typical “local-looking” fare that too many firms have settled for.

Client relationships are our top priority. Our team will become an extension of your practice; a testament to our core belief that integrity and collaboration are essential to developing a successful long-term partnership.

When you weave together our history, our expertise in the legal arena and our unshakable commitment to our clients, one thing is clear. Network Affiliates will elevate your practice and empower your brand in ways no other agency can deliver.


An invitation to join some of the
most elite legal minds in the country.

How it started

Founded by an attorney for attorneys

Our People

Our late founder, Norton Frickey, pioneered legal service advertising in 1981 while running a successful law practice of his own in Denver, Colorado. And, even though legal advertising was in its infancy, Norton set the bar high the day he began Network Affiliates… one of passion, partnership, expertise and most importantly, trust.

Network members – comprised of elite law practices from across the country and around the world – are like family to us, and we cultivate those relationships with our own experience and personal investment in every partnership we make. As a Network member, you’ll have a multitude of opportunities to collaborate with other innovative legal minds and successful entrepreneurs… learning through each other’s experiences, successes, and yes, sometimes challenges.

Ready to try something new? Click here or give us a call at 888-461-1016 for an honest, in-depth discussion about your marketing strategy. Why? Because you’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t give something NEW a try.

Your path to next-level success starts here.


Hall of Fame Tribute Video

We were so pleased when Norton Frickey was inducted into the National Trial Lawyers Advertising Hall of Fame. It was a great honor to both his family and his legacy at Network Affiliates. Please take a few minutes to enjoy the video that we crafted to celebrate this gifted and remarkable man.