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Ah, the blank page. A sheet of conceptual white noise that strikes terror in the hearts of many. But not us! At Network Affiliates, we aren’t just a “one size fits all” creative house. Our creative approach is as unique and varied as your audience, and that’s the secret to elevating your brand.

Television is still the most far reaching and powerful advertising vehicle around. With the right creative, TV can draw in viewers… giving them a feel for your firm and if they can trust you with their case.

Our work is our greatest asset, and the results we see are unparalleled. We trust our hearts, our experience, our instincts and evidence-based research ….and by doing so, we pluck your message from the braying airwaves of the “same old, same old,” so that viewers (aka potential clients!) come away knowing that things can and will get better because of who you are and what you do… and they’ll know that because of who we are and what we do.

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Video Production

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what they see should be worth it

Just like you are the voice of your brand, your creative is the soul of your brand!
An effective advertising campaign needs to do more than simply get the word out about your firm. You need to connect with your audience intellectually and emotionally. You need to stand out. You need to be creative, relatable and you need to tell your story in a way that reaches your audience and makes the phone ring. One powerful tool to accomplish all of that is compelling, high-quality, one of a kind video production.

So, what goes into building the best, most effective video content?

  • Compelling creative from concept to copy to execution
  • Producers that you can trust with your brand
  • In-house production facilities
  • Production teams that are leaders in their respective industries
  • High-end post-production that will elevate the look and sound of your commercials to match the rarified quality of your brand

Your commercial campaigns need to stand out. We develop every campaign from scratch to create an unparalleled experience combining sight, sound, motion, and emotion to grab the viewer’s atention. Great design and compelling copy lend credibility toward your firm and distinguishes you from the competition. Your audience may laugh, they may cry, they may even gasp… but most of all, they will remember you… and ultimately choose your firm when they need help.

Network Affiliates produces state-of-the-art television commercials with messages that are about the audience’s needs, not the lawyer’s biography. And they work.

We can find the heartbeat of your market because we believe in the value of competitive research. And rest assured… the point of our studying your competition isn’t to copy what they’re doing — it’s to stand out. As the saying goes, “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge...” So, just because every other lawyer in your market is running a certain type of spot, doesn’t mean it’s the right approach or that it's working! It just means that everybody’s doing it.

Worried about creating legal advertising around bar regulations? Our creative team is well-versed in crafting spectacular and effective creative legal advertising content within any and all specifications your state requires. We love a challenge!

At Network Affiliates, we have years of experience executing TV campaigns for law firms and getting big results. We know what we’re doing, and we believe we can deliver the results you’re looking for.

Every single campaign is unique, and we always brainstorm within the parameters of each client’s specific needs, goals, and budgets. But as a general matter, we’ve found a few golden rules that seem to ring true in every campaign:

  • One Size Never Fits All. TV commercials aren’t baseball caps. One size can’t fit all. A spot that worked well in one market might not make sense in another. Different lawyers bring different assets to the table, and each firm has its own unique messaging and branding. At Network Affiliates, we offer customized, creative, and individualized advertising. Your campaign will be unique, true to you, and effective. From creative release spots to full-throttle and one-of-a-kind campaigns, we understand that television is what you make of it.
  • Talk to People, Not Lawyers. Think back to your daily diction in the days before law school. As you might recall, lawyers don’t always speak in “the people’s vernacular.” That’s okay! But “legalese” isn’t effective in advertising. Likewise, commercials cannot and should not become treatises on the law. You have a few seconds to make a memorable impression and a meaningful connection. It’s an emotional proposition. Testimonials, humor, and family values are just a few examples of effective forms of TV advertising for lawyers. At Network Affiliates, we orient each spot toward the people you hope to attract.

  • Always Stand Out. The world is short on many things, but lawyers aren’t among them. As you already know, you have a lot of competition, and many of those firms are on TV too. Your commercials must make you stand out. Lawyers may be everywhere, but attorneys who are passionate, personable, and really good at what they do are much harder to find. People understand that, and we tap into that common consensus. Our goal is always to craft a compelling and authentic stand-out campaign for your firm.
  • That Which Looks Expensive Need Not Be Expensive. At Network Affiliates, we employ our very own in-house creative and production teams. That means we own all of our own equipment, have a decked-out in-house production studio, and spend a HUGE amount of time in one of our several on-site editing suites. We also employ a seriously talented production team that has worked in marketing and film production all around the world. And while our process and services are affordable and cost-effective, our products look like they command enormous budgets. That’s the beauty of the “Network!” Our ability to provide high-end production at an incredible value is one of our most enduring tricks of the trade.

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