A rare opportunity to experience a modern marketing ecosystem like no other.

Welcome… to the most exclusive and elite network of legal minds in the country. Where passion and partnership can elevate your practice to a whole new level.

During our bi-annual meetings, NetAff’s team of creatives, strategists, and legal marketing specialists, along with our tight-knit family of clients from around the country, meet to share ideas and nurture their partnerships. These gatherings are carefully curated to provide opportunities for you to increase your bottom line, collaborate, brainstorm and grow with your peers. You will have the opportunity to learn through each other’s experiences, successes, and yes, sometimes challenges.

And, these collaborations don’t just exist within the confines of these meetings. The networks and relationships that you build in person extend throughout the year as valued and respected friendships are formed within this group.

The partnerships and inspiration you discover at our networking events can be the key to your next level success. We look forward to seeing you there!

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