Attorney Testimonials

Network Affiliates’ client base is comprised of elite law practices across the country and around the world. Keep scrolling to see a small sampling of what they have to say about working with us!

Dino Colombo
Colombo Law
“I’ve been with Network Affiliates almost 15 years now, it’s trust. I’m dealing with good people who tell me the truth. We don’t always agree on everything and we go back and forth, which is part of the process frankly…it’s the process of dealing with good quality people that I can trust.”
– Dino Colombo
Peter Gemma
Gemma Law
“I really feel like we are benefitting tremendously from the relationship with Network, coming to the meetings and making contacts with other attorneys throughout the country.”
–Peter Gemma
Mike Rosenzweig
Edgar Snyder & Associates
“You have helped us really upgrade a lot of our commercials. We do like the library spots…They fill in areas that we haven’t covered ourselves…we can count on consummate professionalism all the time.”
– Mike Rosenzweig
David Gruber
Gruber Law
“...the relationships are great and in some cases these relationships have gone on for decades and decades…the sharing of the ideas is really what matters and again, its personal, it’s social, it’s professional…”
– David Gruber
Rick Rosenthal
Edgar Snyder & Associates
(Of Counsel)
“No matter what part of our marketing agenda, network has people that are able to suplement the knowledge, complement the knowledge we have internally and help to take us to another level.”
– Rick Rosenthal
Scott Anderson
Grimes, Teich, Anderson
“What I value most about my relationship with Network Affiliates is…the staff, those people are very successful, very interested in my success; and then the second thing is my relationship/association with the NA clientele.”
– Scott Anderson
Todd Bresney
Kanoski Bresney
“You know what I value...I value the way that you guys are organized…the way you’re able to think outside the box...that’s really important to lawyers who are marketing and competing against other lawyers...”
– Todd Bresney
John Day
John Day Law Firm
“I like learning about ways I can improve my practice and improve my marketing… when I come to meetings like this I have an opportunity to interact with other Network clients from around the country.”
– John Day

We asked our clients to describe Network Affiliates in one word. Here’s what they shared…

Marketing Perspectives

Many of our clients have their own in-house marketing managers. Here are a few of them sharing their insights on how Network Affiliates is an invaluable partner in their success.

Director of Marketing and Client Communications
Jeanine Truman, Truman Law
“Always coming up with creative…I love the creative. I get very excited about that. It’s different from anybody in our market.”
– Jeanine Truman
Director of Marketing
Jessica Goldoni
(formerly of Hauptman, O’Brien,
Wolf & Lathrop, P.C.)
“The thing that I value most about my relationship with Network Affiliates is always having someone to talk to. So, I can pick up the phone and I can get an answer, and if they don’t know the answer they will find it out…there’s a whole team behind us, which is great.”
– Jessica Goldoni

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