Leveraging the sounds of success.

There’s a great deal of psychological research around the ‘art of sound’; how audible communication effects our brains, our emotions, and most critically, the impact it has on the decisions we make. Long before there were websites, televisions, or even writing, there was oral storytelling. The spoken word pre-dates recorded history and is ingrained in the way humans share information.

That’s why we feel that Network Affiliates’ Radio, On-hold messaging and Streaming Audio services are critical to nurturing your already successful brand and are a powerful way to expand your voice. Not only is our audio production team at the top of their class, but our production team is ready to articulate your ideas or, if you prefer, lead the charge on something new.


Video did not, in fact, kill the radio star! Localize your message and add immediacy to your marketing playbook with radio advertising. It’s a unique opportunity to customize and reinforce your messaging, develop new relationships with listeners and talk about things that may not make it to broadcast due to timing or budget constraints.

Radio advertising services include:

  • General brand reinforcement
  • Highlighting causes that are close to your heart
  • Urgent messaging such as product recalls or mass tort actions
  • DJ endorsements
  • Promoting community events
  • PSAs

And rest assured… your investment in radio advertising gets the same media buying expertise as any other medium we offer. Network Affiliates’ media buying team has years of industry experience and they know what works. Our media buyers will optimize and tailor station selections and air times specifically with your firm in mind.

Radio Examples

Jacoby & Meyers Radio Spot

The Cochran Firm Radio Spot

The Law Offices of John Day Radio Spot

On-hold Messaging

A well-crafted and informative on-hold message is more powerful than you realize. Time essentially stops when one is on hold. If you use canned music or nothing at all, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to proactively connect with callers.

As your message plays out, potential clients will associate getting the help they need with your voice from the moment their call connects. They will get a feel for your background, for your approach and most importantly for your brand, within the first five seconds of being put on hold. They can develop a sense of trust and become psychologically and emotionally attached to your law firm before your intake team even starts to work their magic.

That’s a pretty powerful connection to have before anyone has even said, “Hello.”

Streaming Audio

Smart speakers, headphones, earbuds… in the car, in the gym or just hanging around the house; streaming audio goes anywhere and everywhere audiences are listening. Perhaps your next prospective client is waiting for the bus because their car is in the shop after an accident. Maybe they’re waiting for their appointment at a doctor’s office because they’ve been seriously injured in a trucking accident or maybe they’re online, multitasking as they’re researching winning attorneys in their area… You never know who’s listening or why, and so being in the right place at the right time on the right platform is essential to capturing as much attention for your law firm as possible.

Digital audio advertising is happening on platforms such as:

  • Streaming music providers
  • Podcasts
  • Digital audiobooks
  • Online talk shows

Online, digital, and streaming audio marketing tactics adapt as technology grows. Our media buying team is well-versed in keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends, both online and practical. Our expertise includes figuring out where your audiences are and how they’re consuming information. Network Affiliates’ media strategists will put together a targeted streaming and digital media package to help grow your business and elevate your brand.

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