The advent of the internet brought a plethora of new ways to market your law firm to consumers. And yet, while online advertising is vital to your success, television advertising is still running the show.

Many law firms think that broadcast and cable television advertising isn’t for them. When we ask why they believe that, we typically get one of two responses:

  • “I can’t afford to produce a TV commercial.”
  • “Even if I can afford to produce a commercial, there’s no way I can afford to place it in a time slot where it will be seen or heard by prospective clients.”

Our response? You can’t afford NOT to.

At Network Affiliates, we realize that taking the leap of faith required to enter the world of television advertising can be daunting. But the return on that investment can be astounding to your law firm.

Television advertising casts a wide net; one that catches the attention of people from a variety of demographics. You need a legal advertising marketing partner who can provide you with a comprehensive collection of authentic messages as well as a well-crafted and expertly tailored media plan to get in front of as much of your potential client base as possible.

Network Affiliates’ Legal Advertising Mantra

Getting to know us as we’re getting to know you

If you’d like to understand the way we think about how to help you grow your business and elevate your brand, here’s the short version:

  • One size fits… no one — There is no such thing as the perfect, all-encompassing marketing solution. That’s why Network Affiliates offers personalized services that fit the needs and goals of your firm.
  • It’s not all about you — Never forget who you’re speaking to. Potential clients want to identify with you and your values, but they need to relate to your content! Things like testimonials or memorable stories can go a long way to making yourself relatable, but so can humor, drama or simplified, direct messaging. That’s where your trust in us comes in. We know what your audience is paying attention to. At Network Affiliates, we’re masters of speaking your audience’s language. We’re confident in our ability to craft unique, results-oriented campaigns that will create an emotional connection with your prospective clients. You may feel a bit uncomfortable at times, but we stand by you and our work 100%.
  • Set yourself apart — Your commercials need to stand out. We develop every campaign from scratch to create an unparalleled experience combining sight, sound, motion, and emotion to grab the viewer’s attention. Great design and great copy lend credibility to your firm and distinguishes you from the competition, and an effectively synchronized media plan allows for the most exposure.
  • Not all that glitters costs as much as gold — Network Affiliates isn’t just a “full-service agency.” We’re a full-service agency with impressive in-house production facilities, and we invest in your product! Our stage, sound studio, and editing facilities make for efficient turnaround from our creative team. Best of all, it means you get one-of-a-kind ads that are unique, memorable, effective, and extremely cost-efficient to produce.
  • You Get What You Ask For — It costs just as much to invite low-value cases as high-value ones… but as you know, the return on those is vastly different. Our commercials target the kinds of cases that your firm wants. That isn’t the same for every practice. But whatever your goals may be, TV ads are incredible opportunities, and you ought to make the most of them.
  • Building Relationships — Commercials create a direct connection between the attorney and his or her community. The value of a personal relationship cannot be overstated. Just as TV viewers feel that they “know” celebrities and the fictional characters they portray, viewers will come to “know” you and your firm too. Television is remarkable in its ability to foster a sense of intimacy, and we custom craft our campaigns to make the most of that connection.

When you talk to us, we’ll discuss your legal marketing needs and investment, and work to develop a broadcast marketing strategy that grows your business and accomplishes your goals.

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