An opportunity to let the sun shine on your law firm

Location, location, location! Outdoor (also known as Out-of-home) advertising is a cost-effective way to reach potential clients. Our attorneys use outdoor advertising to establish a constant, familiar, and positive presence in their communities.

With outdoor advertising, you can control exactly where your clients come from. For example, a strategically placed billboard in a highly trafficked area can mean dozens of new clients for your firm. You hit the right person on the right day, and you’ve generated a phone call.

Our attorneys love to use outdoor advertising as a way to establish a presence in the community; to let people know they can trust their name. It also helps to put a friendly face (or faces) with the firm name. Billboards are also a very good supplement to your television advertising and other marketing efforts. Using outdoor ads gives you one more way to reach your target audience and further brand your law firm.

With that said, while an incredibly effective addition to your branding and top-of-mind presence in your market, outdoor advertising isn’t simply a fancy way to say “billboard.” As with everything we do, Network Affiliates’ outdoor strategies are far more creative. Since community engagement is the point and the goal, we’re here to help you get out into the community; we can help you find the crowds, events and thoroughfares where they congregate!

Outdoor/Out-of-home advertising includes options such as:

  • Billboards
  • Benches
  • Buses and trains
  • Stadiums
  • Festivals
  • Kiosks
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Sporting and community events

Assuming an event fits your brand and personal ethos, if you want to be there, we can help. What’s your cause? How do you want people to see you in terms of what you do to enrich your community? Where can you get the largest number of eyes on your firm’s name at one time? We’re happy to brainstorm that with you. If supporting an event is something you’re interested in exploring, we’re all in. We have the resources and expertise to facilitate partnerships between law firms and their passions.

It’s all under the umbrella strategy of keeping your firm relevant, recognizable, and trusted in your market. From little league sponsorships to helmet giveaways, from honoring a hometown hero to supporting a foundation destined to change the world for some of your community’s most vulnerable citizens, never underestimate the power of just being present.

The takeaway?? Outdoor advertising is a powerful compliment to your television advertising and other marketing efforts. No matter where people are or what they’re doing, a robust outdoor presence will keep you top of mind in even the most saturated of markets.

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