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Let’s be real. The over-arching concept of OTT/CTV advertising opportunities is still rather new to most folks. And, when they try to figure it out on their own, even the smartest, most ad savvy advertisers hear: blah blah… blahblahblah…blah!

Luckily, our Digital media buying team is ah.mazing!! and has made the conversation around OTT and CTV accessible to everyone.

Here’s how we break it down…

  • Specifically, OTT/CTV is how people access streaming services through devices such as Amazon Fire, Roku and a variety of other connected TVs.
  • Broadcast & Cable television: Reaches a wide swath of consumers in a very specific, targeted time slot; you’re buying a specific show on a specific channel at a specific timed.
  • OTT/CTV (Over-The-Top/Connected TV): Reaches a VERY specific audience. You don’t know (and quite frankly don’t care) what they’re watching or when. You’re targeting a very specific demographic, so your OTT/CTV investment is acutely tailored to the audience you want to reach. At the heart of it, you’re not buying the show… you’re buying the viewer.
  • OTT/CTV (aka Streaming Television) is a logical extension of traditional television advertising…. If OTT is the paint brush, broadcast is the paint ball.

Leveraging a streaming television media strategy is a tactic that delivers balance to a buy and unprecedented delivery control. Thanks to streaming’s game-changing scientific and technology-based data collection capabilities, Network’s media buyers collaborate with our premium streaming partners to put together a surgical, data-driven OTT media buy that will deliver 100% of your buy to your target audience. It doesn’t matter if your target audience is watching Shark Tank or Sharknado… in bed or on the beach… if they’re watching, they’re watching you.

Here are some essential facts you should know about OTT/CTV efficacy:

  • With over 30% of the country cutting the cord, cable subscriptions continue to dwindle, and more people are moving to streaming services. If you aren’t part of the streaming advertising revolution, you are potentially missing over a third or more of your market .
  • Since there are more streaming platforms than ever, more people are opting into ad-support streaming services to keep costs down. This is a prime opportunity to show up and influence a new audience that you could potentially be missing in your linear strategy.

Additional thoughts regarding OTT/CTV:

  • If you aren’t leveraging everything streaming advertising has to offer, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING. Limiting yourself to one streaming publisher reduces the audience size you can potentially reach. Larger publishers like Roku or Hulu only represent one slice of the total market share but understand that you don’t want to show up on TOO many publishers. That can diminish your reach, which can in turn affect performance. A strategic mix of vetted premium publishers ensures the best campaign results.
  • We buy our inventory right at the source, through direct partnerships with every major MVPD, AVOD app, and network group. We’ve thoroughly vetted each of our partners for scale and performance.
  • Traditional TV and Digital Video are Complimentary. Traditional TV and nonlinear content offerings will coexist. Remember, the two are friends, not foes. Linear (traditional broadcast) and on-demand content are equally important and can coexist peacefully. Video-on-demand will soon become mainstream in all population groups; at the same time, linear TV remains significant…especially in terms of live content like sports and other major events—preserving the importance of traditional, linear television.
  • Reach New Audiences With Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers. With an average of 30% of all households cutting the cord, it is important to utilize the OTT medium to reach audiences you may otherwise miss.

To wrap it up… Investing in OTT isn’t about abandoning what is working now or has worked in the past. It’s about leveraging new opportunities to increase the value of your hard-working media dollars.

We have SO much more to share regarding the world of streaming legal advertising! To learn more about OTT legal advertising and streaming media opportunities for your firm, contact us today for a review of your current media planning needs.

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