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Re-Engage Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is getting more multi-dimensional by the day. But before you get too distracted by the latest trends and fascinating fads, it’s important to take a survey of what’s working on the Web and what’s not. Get a gauge of where you’re ahead of the curve and where you’ve fallen behind.

Website wisdom: You’ve finally implemented a dynamic, modern website designed for intake, but is it properly optimized? Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Are your social media links, blog and videos engaging clients, growing your legal network and driving new business?
  • Are you leveraging Google Analytics to track real-time statistics on site visitors and page traffic and market around that data?
  • How many leads is your web presence actually generating and how are you following up and closing on those?

Mobile magic: Even if your website is working well, ensure that it’s optimized for the small screen. After all, clients are spending more and more of their time on smartphones. Here are a few places to start:

  • Mobile marketing may feel like a separate strategy, but it should be increasingly integrated with your overall marketing mix. Engage with an agency that understands how to make your attorneys look good, even in a “mini” format.
  • Are your marketing messages and campaigns working seamlessly across every type of screen (laptop, TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.)? Your goal should be to maintain a consistent brand identity while delivering an engaging experience that’s appropriate for each channel.
  • With the integration of social media via mobile, social communication is instantaneous and your law firm is essentially open 24/7. Make sure that how you talk to clients fits the medium of delivery.

By being proactive about a broader Internet marketing strategy, your firm will quickly show clients you understand their increasingly mobile lifestyles, identify new Internet intake opportunities and position your practice as a leader in your space. The legal industry is simply too competitive to sit back and watch. Stay ahead and stay profitable.