If you don’t keep score, how will you win?

Why tracking your Google Analytics pays off.

By now law firms should know all about Google Analytics. Do You?
But what to do with those statistics on website performance? That’s a whole other story.

If this sounds like your office’s level of knowledge regarding your website, you’re not alone. Many law firms simply haven’t learned—or been taught about—how to read and leverage the numbers spit out by Google each month.

But ignorance is no longer an excuse. Laziness is not an option. These figures—free of charge to you—are really worth understanding, because they can dramatically impact how your website performs in the future, which can lead directly to new business you didn’t even know you were missing.

Remember, what you don’t know, you don’t know!

Likewise, prioritizing a wide-reaching TV campaign over your website is no longer acceptable. Your website should not only be the hub of your Firm—the platform for disseminating the information people need to know most—it should work in tandem with your TV efforts.

The point? You can no longer overlook this critical component of your legal marketing strategy.

Google Analytics 101

So what’s so great about tracking Google Analytics, anyway? Well, the search engine’s auto-generated statistics show both a big-picture view of how well your website is “performing,” as well as micro measurements that can provide helpful insight into how you can shift things to gain better traction on the Web.

Google Analytics gathers vast data on advertising campaign performance; audience characteristics and behavior; cross-device and cross-platform measurement; data capture; mobile applications; conversions; and more. It’s a tool worth getting to know better. Once you’re familiar reading the numbers, which are neatly broken down by category, you can very quickly glean information like:

Visitor type: Learn a user’s geographical location, dominant language, which browser they used, their screen resolution, whether they’re on a mobile device or desktop, etc.

Usage behavior: See how long users stay on your website, what pages they are visiting the most, which page is causing visitors to leave most often, how many pages an average user is viewing, etc.

Origination: How did the user find you—a search engine, popular social network, link from another website or direct type-in? Google Analytics also breaks down each traffic source, so you can focus on specific ones.

Content interaction: Gather knowledge about how users interact with your site’s content. For example, you can see how many users clicked on a specific link.

Timing: Find out what time of the day is the hottest for your website.

Google Analytics numbers are shockingly positive. Take a look: You might be surprised to learn just how many new people—called unique visitors—are actually coming to your law firm’s site.

Remember, anyone interested in doing even a quick background check might navigate to your home page, if even for a minute. Others might dig surprisingly deep on a blog post or attorney’s bio, for example. The details you can uncover are eye opening, and can help you adjust and re-target your marketing efforts.

So the question is no longer whether or not you’ve heard of Google Analytics. It’s how are you using this powerful resource to take marketing to the next level.

Google Analytics simply put, tells you exactly what is going on with your Website!

Anyone in this world that we live in that wants to know anything about you, looks you up online. Do not kid yourself by not engaging in this MUST DO part of today’s world.

Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for tracking all of your advertising. If your current agency is not pushing you to track your internet or the rest of your advertising activity and ROI, you should ask why.

The answer is they do not really know how to increase YOUR business.

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