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Are you maximizing the power of past clients?

Why referrals are the best cases that come into legal offices.

Ever met a lawyer who wouldn’t prefer more qualified cases? Thought not. The most valuable cases—both financially and professionally rewarding—come from referrals. Generally speaking, referred cases tend to have the lowest cost of acquisition and come with some helpful level of “prequalification” through a past client who knows your legal competence.

In fact, industry research shows that only about 25% of legal cases come from other attorneys. Did you just do the math? That means three-quarters of all legal referrals could be coming directly from your satisfied clients. Interestingly, even tempted by this potentially low-hanging fruit, we know that most lawyers don’t spend near enough time and effort maximizing their referral marketing programs.

Why? Well, it takes work and planning—and that requires someone’s valuable time. Past clients need to be reminded not only that your attorneys did a great job and created a favorable outcome in their cases, but in what areas your firm concentrates, what references would even make sense, and how to get leads to your office easily. Law practices that are doing referral marketing right are in front of past clients and constituents. They win cases, plain and simple because their attorneys are most top of mind when it matters.

Think you could be staying in touch with clients a little better? It’s not as hard as it seems.

Here are a few ways to start giving your referral marketing more TLC:

1. Build your database.

Start with the information you have on all past and current clients, and go from there. This will become routine if you build data collection right into your intake process, including capturing basic intelligence on anyone who contacts the firm. Don’t forget to ask (and track) who, if anyone, referred the person to your office when they do call.

2. Stay in touch.

You can’t rely on the fact that since you did good work for a past client he or she will remember you in the future. There are simply too many marketing messages and alternative options out there to rely on that sliver of hope. Instead, create a plan for communicating with former clients—email campaigns, direct mail, in-person networking, informational seminars—after a case is closed.

3. Respect every relationship.

Even if you cannot help an individual with specific legal matter today, doesn’t mean that person won’t turn to your attorneys next time they need advice. Remember, you could be paying up to $300 per lead. That’s a lot of money just to say no. Nurturing relationships, even currently unqualified referrals, will build your firm’s reputation—something that while it doesn’t have a dollar sign on it today could pay off big tomorrow.

4. Leverage TV views.

Television advertising remains a crucial part of the marketing mix for law practices around the country. Use this massive platform to leverage strong testimonials from past clients, and you’ll have a smarter way to tell the world exactly what kind of cases you want in the future. Better yet, combined this visual advertising with a strong database marketing plan to keep your firm squarely in front of past contacts—and potential cases. Remember, you have to be available to victims when they need you most.

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