Do Your Legal Commercials and Website Work Together?

There’s nothing more inspiring than a fresh start. Each new year is an opportunity to position your law firm for success. January is a time for reflecting, revamping what’s not working, and taking business to a new level in 2015.

Two key advertising channels to review right now are your law firm’s TV commercials and website. When properly integrated, this powerful duo will help your marketing hit the mark. Let’s consider three ways clients interact with these mediums and why that matters.

Watch the ad.

Very often a consumer’s first interaction with your legal brand is through a well-timed TV commercial. This initial impression is critical and should not only create an emotional effect, but also a direct response. Your firm’s ad should encourage people to reach out through an appropriate call to action. As you review your current creative or start to work on a strategic advertising campaign for 2015, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your branding and creative stand out? (Are you distinguishing your firm within your specific legal niche or regional marketplace?)
  • Does your commercial make it clear that your law firm has an online presence (i.e. website and social media)?
  • Would you call your law firm based solely upon that ad? (Be honest)

Google your name.

If consumers don’t initiate a phone call after seeing your ad on television, their next step is typically performing a Google search to check on the legitimacy of your firm. Based what’s returned, a consumer might learn more about your lawyers on your website or check other reviews of your firm via a social media platform. The results of a Google search can be very telling about how well your marketing is working, while providing key insights about how a typical client might interact with your brand. When was the last time you Google’d yourself?

  • Do you show up on the first page of Google results? Where?
  • How many times does your name/brand appear and in what “forms”?
  • Is it immediately clear that you are the same law firm that was on TV?

Take an action.

After a preliminary interaction with your law firm through TV or online, a potential client should have enough information to take further action or make an informed decision about what move to make next. As you watch your ad, Google your firm, and land on your website, try to view these neutrally as a consumer might. Think about what impression your firm is making and what your next intuitive action might be.

  • What is the first impression you’re really making?
  • What actions are potential clients taking upon an initial search or after landing on your website?
  • Are visitors converting on your site? Do you even know?

Applying your intelligence.

Once you’ve looked at how potential clients first interact with your firm—what they see, how they find you, and what actions they take—it’s the perfect opportunity to take that new intelligence and market better in 2015.

You are spending thousands to develop TV ads and drive consumers to your legal website. Make sure awareness doesn’t end there. Look at monthly analytics from last year’s campaigns: Where were leads coming from? Where did people spend time on your website? What actions were they taking on the site? What percentage of visitors did you convert to cases?

Not entirely sure? Give us a call. We would be happy to sit down with you to review what you’re currently doing and what you’re currently not doing (but should be).