Three Simple Systems to Increase Your Case Load

bald guy holding cash for intake blog post on network affilates
Often times the concept of “putting a new system in place” seems overwhelming. But, really, what is a system? Systems are consistent processes put in place to bring about efficiency. The advantage of systems from a marketing perspective is their ability to truly test, track and evaluate your programs.

There are simple systems firms can put into place, which will help efficiency and growth. Three simple systems that can increase your case load are: Intake, Email Campaigns and Exit Interviews & Leave-Behinds.


Intake by nature is a system, but some firms do not treat it as one. Make sure the process to collect COMPLETE information from those who contact your firm (via phone or web) is consistent. Utilize secret shoppers to ensure your intake process is reflective of what you think it is.

Collecting information from former, current and prospective clients in order to remarket to them is just as important as qualifying a lead in a new case. After all, you pay for every lead that comes into your office, so capitalize on that and cultivate each contact for potential future business.

Email Campaigns

Ideally this is done through your advertising agency, which makes it absolutely seamless for your own firm and guarantees that all your marketing efforts are consistent.

If you have the capacity and prefer to do your own email campaigns, create a dozen or so intriguing email articles, establish a consistent communication schedule, utilize a reputable email marketing platform and make sure to review the results/analytics on a regular basis. Reviewing the open and click-through rates gives you an opportunity to evaluate and improve your email marketing campaigns.

Exit Interviews & Leave Behinds

Clients are happiest when they receive their settlement check. Why not take this opportunity to obtain a video exit interview with your client? And create a potential client testimonial that you can use in future marketing pieces? Then follow up with your client with a thank-you packet of goodies. This can be anything from a basket of gourmet cookies – to sporting event tickets – to branded merchandise – or restaurant gift certificates. This is yet another reminder that you appreciate their business.

Do not over-complicate the idea of implementing processes within your firm. Just make sure the systems are being used consistently in order to determine their effectiveness.