Broad, Targeted TV Campaigns Produce Different Results

targeted or shotgun tv advertising strategiesThere is no one size fits all approach to advertising on TV. There are many factors that go into creating a strategic advertising plan for a law firm. Demographics, budget, competition, product, etc., are all things that help determine how an effective campaign is built.

With that being said, there are still two common schools of thought when it comes to planning a media campaign: the targeted approach vs. the shotgun approach.

Target Shooting – You Want a Specific Case

The targeted approach is better for advertisers that are looking for a very specific type of case or have a limited budget and thus want to focus on attracting a certain type of case. Target shooting requires the firm to specifically identify what type of case they would like to attract.

A creative team develops this and produces ads to attract this specific type of client. Once the creative is produced, the media buy is centered on specific programs and/or networks that have high viewership with the particular type of client the law firm is looking to attract.

For example, motorcycle campaigns are very targeted campaigns that focus on trying to bring in cases involving motorcycle accidents. Specific creative is produced and media is placed on networks and programs where motorcycle riders are most likely to be watching.

Shotgun Approach – You Handle a Variety of Cases

A firm using a shotgun approach is targeting a variety of cases specifically related to PI, or domestic law or criminal law, etc. The shotgun approach is more likely to be used by firms that have a larger budget and have the ability to refer cases out if the law firm can’t handle certain kinds of cases.

The shotgun approach is likely to be more expensive since the firm is looking to try and take in as many cases as possible and target as many people as possible. As such, the creative messages for a shotgun approach are often more general and cover broad areas of a firm’s practice.

Law firms using the shotgun approach need to be disciplined during intake and truly understand which cases will benefit the firm the most. An extensive referral network is also beneficial for law firms employing the shotgun approach, as many cases will likely come through the door that the firm can’t handle.

What Approach is Your Law Firm Using?

Is your law firm using a targeted campaign when it should be taking a more broad approach to the marketplace? Or, is your firm struggling to make noise in the market with a shotgun approach and you’re beginning to think a targeted approach might make more sense? Either way, it is important to know where your firm stands and use an approach that will be most effective for your business.