Do You Have a Strong Brand?

brand building for law firms, attorneysFor some law practices, the word branding sounds too esoteric. If it’s not tied directly to a spreadsheet, it’s not on the radar. But the fact is, if you’re too paralyzed to explore branding and how to use it to your advantage, your firm is missing a significant opportunity for growth and profit.

Quite simply, branding involves developing a singular identity for your law firm. It requires a concentrated—and fun—discovery process that helps you uncover exactly what makes your business different from others in the marketplace. It helps you decide on the one message that you can really hang your hat on. That’s it.

Once you have those core ideas, your firm can go back to them time after time as a platform for building smart and consistent creative campaigns. An established brand keeps everyone in your office on the same page, gives your marketing firm a foundation to build on, and creates a more personalized and consistent message for your current and potential clients.

Dare to Be Different

The heart of branding is about distinguishing your law firm and its attorneys from competitors. It’s about giving clients something to remember—and talk about. Many law practices suffer from brand confusion: Everyone looks and sounds the same. What makes your firm the best one to handle someone’s case? You have to dare to be different. Success doesn’t require massive risks.

Your firm can become more than just another law office by taking a step back and rethinking your marketing approach. Think big picture about how the firm can demonstrate the specialness of its brand in the community, online, while networking, within the office and beyond.

Ignoring branding is a mistake that will cost you in the long run. Now is the time to develop your brand identity and start investing in it.