OTT/CTV = Streaming TV….an Opportunity

In this exceptional world filled with advertising, media, mediums, channels and ever evolving targeting options, I invite you to ask yourself this question…. Am I leveraging my advertising investment to the fullest? If you invest in advertising at all for your law firm, you know along with branding your name, expertise, service and results via traditional media, nowadays there are literally numerous expanding opportunities within which to promote your brand.

The Legal Services category is one of the most competitive advertising verticals in the country. With more dollars being poured into your market every year, it’s become more challenging to not only defend and protect your market share, but to realize growth as well. So, what to do? Embrace and explore “new” media. 

One such example is Streaming Television (OTT/CTV). This is a thriving and expanding medium that complements traditional media and may expand your voice in the market by at least one third. According to Comscore’s State of Streaming report, as of 2022, 77.5 million U.S. households use ad-supported streaming services (Please read that again). In fact, more than one half of consumers (55%) use at least one free ad-supported streaming TV service for their program consumption viewing habits.

The national average of homes that receive their TV programming without access to traditional cable or satellite services (known as BBO, Broad-Band Only homes) is now above 30%. So, if you are not utilizing OTT/CTV as part of your overall media strategy, you could be missing out on reaching a significant percentage of your market. And yes, every market is different. According to Nielsen November 2022 data, the Seattle and Atlanta DMAs tie for #1 in terms of market percentage of BBO homes at 41%, and the West Palm Beach DMA has the lowest percentage of BBO homes at 20%. 

Really understanding what and how an OTT/CTV strategy can be an effective option in your marketing plan is critical in implementing a successful campaign. If you have questions (…and you should), we have answers. We enjoy exploring new opportunities and hope you do as well. Feel free to reach out via phone at 800-525-3332, and ask for Tammy Kehe, or email at