55+: Influencers and Decision Makers

In an era of “Boomerangers” and rising housing costs there are more multigenerational households than we’ve seen in decades. As a result of better healthcare and lifestyle changes, the 55+ demographic is actively holding influence over their families and their communities.

If you look at the 55-64 population today, you’re looking at 100% of Gen Xers and over 50% of Baby Boomers. They have significant decision-making power, watch more traditional linear television, and comprise the largest group of news viewers in the United States.

Does your marketing strategy embrace the 55+ audience? If not, should it? Is your brand relevant in this circle of influence and reaching the largest decision-making demographic in the country? They’re watching, they’re listening, and they’re sharing information! That could mean thousands of additional influencers in your market saying, “I saw this lawyer on TV,” “Did you call (x) law firm? They are confident and experienced and know what they’re talking about,” and even better…. “Yes! I have heard of that firm. I used them for my accident and…”

If you aren’t embracing this audience in your media strategy (and yes, creative strategies as well), you are missing out on a mind-boggling opportunity to influence the influencers, and subsequently expand your brand awareness and your market share. To learn more about how Network Affiliates can leverage our expertise with your media and creative strategy and execution (or if you just want to know what a “Boomeranger” is!) give us a call at 1-800-525-3332 (and ask for Tammy Kehe) or visit us at Netaff.com.