The 2% Difference!

Personal Injury Lawyers comprise one of the most competitive advertising categories in this country.  Leads are precious and conversion (percentage of leads to cases) is paramount to leveraging your marketing investment.  The surprising truth is that an increase of as little as 2% in your conversion rate can add millions of dollars to your bottom line annually.

Below are a few proven tactics to improve your intake conversion rate:

Invest in the process. You’ve made a substantial investment in getting the calls, but do you have the right people taking the calls? You need compassionate intake specialists who are able to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Understand that your biggest competitors are the insurance companies, not other law firms. Insurance companies are investing multi-millions to make sure auto claimants don’t call you first.

Timing is everything! Respond to prospects immediately with a focus to convert on the first-time call. Call backs are conversion killers.

Monitor your conversion intake metrics frequently. Waiting a quarter or a year to review your conversion metrics is costing you millions in lost clients and cases.

Secret shop yourself and other firms in your marketplace.

Your intake process is perhaps your most valuable marketing asset… not just another “expense.” Invest the time and resources to ensure every person you invite to contact you stops their “lawyer shopping” with you!  Interested in learning more?  Give us a call at 1-800-525-3332 and ask for Tammy Kehe, or visit our website at