New Law Firm Television Advertising Campaign: Storyteller

Data across the board proves that broadcast and cable are still the most valuable medium for lawyers. In fact, attorney TV advertising grew six times faster than all other ad spending from 2008 to 2014. Furthermore, just last year legal services took home the sixth spot on the Top 20 list of broadcast advertisers.

When a law firm doesn’t necessarily have the time or resources to invest in a fully customized testimonial campaign, one alternative is to leverage the power of storytelling in an encapsulated version; combining the power of a 30-second testimonial and the intimacy of placing the viewer in the victim’s shoes. By exploring an effective way to share “testimonial style” stories in a dramatized fashion, capitalizing on exceptional production value, and our country’s love of sports, this makes for a truly unique and focused legal TV advertising campaign.

“Storyteller” is dramatic. It’s disarming, it’s attention grabbing, and it will most definitely stand out in the crowded airwaves.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. At Network Affiliates, we own all of our own equipment; we have a fully-equipped in-house production stage, several on-site editing suites and a seriously talented team that has worked all over the world. Call us today (888) 461-1016!