New Attorney TV Advertising Campaign: Claim Number

Although the medium has changed quite a bit in the last few years, television is still the most powerful and far reaching advertising vehicle around. Broadcast commercials cast a wide net, drawing in viewers and giving them a sense of who you are – and if they can trust you.

Attorney TV advertising is a long-term strategy; an investment in your firm and in staying top-of-mind, should someone ever need you.

We all know insurance companies do a tremendous job of marketing themselves as an institution you can trust if anything ever happens. However, the cold reality is, insurance companies are rarely the fun, friendly, caring neighbors they want us to think they are. In “Claim number”, Network Affiliates’ latest creative campaign, we shed a light on that cold world, showing how insurance companies are more likely to treat an injured victim like a number or statistic, rather than a human being going through a life changing event.

Through emotional performances, stunning art direction and production value that rivals any national commercial, “Claim Number” is sure to draw attention, engage your audience and portray your firm as one someone can trust when they need help.
At Network Affiliates, we take a unique and individualized approach to advertising your law firm. A spot that worked great in one market may not perform as well in another market. That’s why we offer a vast array of broadcast solutions. Call us today for access to our full commercial library as well as a FREE, CONFIDENTAL evaluation of your current marketing efforts – (888) 461-1016!