TV Advertising for Law Firms: Attracting a More Valuable Case

TV Advertising for Law Firms: Attracting a More Valuable Case

The cost to ask for a low-end case is the same as a high-end case. However their values are vastly different.

Law firms around the country pay top dollar for TV commercials that all essentially say the same thing: Call us now. This generic plea for copious leads is just that: a solicitation for potentially unqualified inquires.

What if you could turn a commercial into a high-quality case simply by changing your attorney marketing strategy? How about surveying the local and national competition to see how your firm can say things differently—to make your message stand out—without paying more for creative?

That’s just the start of smart TV advertising for law firms. You’d be amazed by what you can get when you ask for what you really want—better paying, higher quality cases; happier clients; and stronger, more profitable referrals.

Here are three places to start:

Platform: What is your TV commercial standing on, anyway? Is TV just a highly visible platform for one-upping the competition with more “bragging rights” about big settlements or hotshot attorneys in effort to attract new clients? We’d argue that your platform ought to stand on its own by using brand messaging to tell your law firm’s story in a way that’s relevant to clients’ biggest concerns, which are inevitably about them—not you. How do your attorneys stand out in the area of client service and representation? Why is your approach to law different—and better—than your peers? How can you draw in prospective clients using emotion and empathy? What’s a real-world example of how your lawyers solved an actual legal issue for a client? Show it!

Production: You might be surprised at how far television production quality has come. Thanks to advancements in video technology and digital editing tools, professional-looking TV commercials are easier than ever to craft—and afford. If you haven’t considered how the quality of your TV ad might be impacting the quality of the cases you’re getting, think again. Production can’t be overlooked in today’s competitive legal landscape. Make sure your advertising agency is giving you all the visual and audio upgrades your newly distinguished messaging platform deserves. After that, it’s all about how your video and commercial assets consistently measure up to and pay off every part of your comprehensive marketing strategy—your brand platform, your website presence, your digital campaign, even a client’s in-office experience.

Placement: Now that your law firm’s TV advertising looks like it plays in the national space, make sure that you outfox other firms by reaching prospective clients in creative ways, at inventive times, away from the clutter of competition. While new messaging will give you an immediate advantage against the generic legal ads droning on TV today, placing your commercials in highly targeted ways could garner even greater response. Talk to your media buyer about new times, stations and strategies for getting your ad out to more—and ideally new previously untapped audiences. Sometimes simply showing up where others are not can make your law firm win in the race to be top of mind.

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