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Attorney Email Marketing: If You’re Reading This, It’s Working!

It makes sense that database marketing—or digital campaigns targeting the email addresses of people who have already worked with or have shown interest in your law firm—works well: it’s effective and inexpensive.

Over 90% of the planet’s more than 2.5 billion email users check their inbox at least daily. That alone gives you a strong open-rate opportunity. Plus, database marketing for lawyers is downright cheap. You’ve already surveyed your clients for feedback and current contact information. It costs next to nothing to maintain those relationships by reaching out once or twice a month with a short email message, or even weekly if you have the bandwidth and something relevant to say.

Converting content to cases

However, to recognize true ROI, attorney email marketing has to convert “readers” to cases, right? Your database is invaluable because when tapped correctly it’s a steady source of referrals, and law firms know better than any professional that direct referrals typically lead to the most qualified cases.

Email marketing campaigns have become more sophisticated. Just staying top of mind by keeping in touch with past clients, it not enough. The legal industry must build on the special kind of relationships that only lawyers have with their clients. The most lucrative email marketing for law firms use quality, “sharable” content that’s highly relevant, informative and downright interesting to past clients, which means you can’t just slap it together.

Here are a few ideas for boosting your database marketing.

Use video. Be compelling. Start by sprinkling in one video a quarter in your attorney email marketing. It’s one more way to quickly engage your database while adding variety and freshness to your campaign (and website, where you can showcase it later).

Pay a pro. Content is king. Lawyers are typically too busy to write compelling content. Hire a writer who knows law or knows how to interview your attorneys to tell a story your database wants to hear.

Survey the competition. Stay ahead of the curve. Have your marketing agency gather competing legal email blasts, blogs and digital content examples that your team finds helpful and pertinent. Reinvent that style, tone and approach to suit your own firm and clientele.

Make it mobile. And, make it responsive. Increasingly your database members, like the rest of the world, are opening and reading email blasts on their smartphones. Be sure to check that your campaign is fully optimized for easy reading on the fly.  Not sure if your email template and/or website is responsive? Call me to find out (303) 817-7313!

Need more insight on how to improve your database marketing?

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