Reinforcing Your Brand Series #4 – A Local Focus

The campaigns in our vast creative collection are not meant to be used instead of campaigns unique to your firm, but to compliment and reinforce your brand and your messaging with the highest production value in your market. It’s your secret weapon and competitive advantage, so use it! Unique custom production opportunities are priceless!

  • Talking about your local connections builds trust and familiarity with your audience. If they feel like they already have an ally, they are more likely to choose you when they need help.
  • Your firm becomes more relevant to them. Audiences may not understand that there are state laws at play. An “I’m Local – living and working in this community every day” approach gives you the chance to tell them that you have a deep and personal knowledge of the state laws, the people, and what’s at risk when they’ve been injured.
  • Local-centric campaigns also give you an advantage when going up against out-of-state or out-of-market firms. They are a great opportunity to reinforce that your audience is more than a number…
  • And, locally focused commercials give you an opportunity to show audiences you provide personalized care and one-of-a-kind service and take pride in protecting and representing the people in your community every day. 

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