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Hard Trends vs. Soft Trends – Accelerating Growth and Recognizing the Trends that Drive Our Industry

As with any business, it is critical to the growth and success of your law firm that you spend time planning for the future. But, how do you know what the future will look like for your practice? This is where understanding Hard Trends vs. Soft Trends will make a HUGE impact on the decisions you make. According to prominent futurist Daniel Burrus:

A Hard Trend is a future certainty (90%+) … A “WILL happen”. For example, auto accidents will continue to happen.

A Soft Trend is a future probability (10%-89%) … A “MAY or MIGHT” happen. For example, an increase in the use of autonomous cars may mean that you’ll need to up your product liability practices in accident cases involving a motor vehicle.

If you want your practice to remain relevant, now is the time to elevate your strategies to take the greatest advantage of whatever opportunities these trends may present. Why play catch-up when you can lead the way! That includes how you craft your marketing strategies, what creative direction you choose, how you might predict future staffing needs and areas of practice to target or focus on to positively impact your business down the road.

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