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Websites for Law Firms Must Convert Leads to Cases

Get your digital marketing up to date or risk losing new business.

Law firm web development is going mobile. Why? Because more than 50 percent of search traffic now comes from mobile devices, with Google reporting it currently gets more U.S.-based search queries via mobile devices like smartphones than it does from people searching on a PC.

If your legal website isn’t yet optimized for mobile use or updated to make on-the-go browsing easier for potential clients, your case load is probably falling short too.

This cultural shift of consumers preferring mobile search should be driving all facets of digital marketing for lawyers, but let’s start with your website.

Here are three ways Network Affiliates helps improve websites for law firms to make them more mobile-friendly—and better at generating cases.

Update: With Google’s newest algorithm update (which happened 90 days ago!), the search-engine giant now boosts the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. For a consumer that means it’s easier to find and read relevant search results without tapping or zooming. For an attorney that means your website better be optimized for mobile or competitors’ sites that are will quickly start to outrank yours. Check to see how mobile-friendly your current site is by simply typing in your URL right here.

Analyze: Once you start to review Google Analytics on the performance of your site, you’ll quickly grasp how and how many people get to your site and just what they do there. Remember, what’s critical is that potential clients stay on websites for lawyers long enough to gain the right insight to make a call or quickly understand how they can take action. Monitor your unique visitors and you might be amazed at how many people are actually seeing your law firm’s website—and, more importantly, how many of those could convert to cases.

Optimize: The next step is starting to leverage the presence you do have on the Web. If your website is not mobile-friendly enough, start there. If people are not staying on your site very long, consider how you can beef up original content and set your firm apart as a thought leader. If visitors are rarely converting to cases, add a call to action on each page and use tracking numbers to gain metrics on phone calls. Consider adding video to further engage visitors and help people make a more informed decision about choosing your firm.

Consumer behavior, namely searching on phones, is driving SEO. As such, it should also be driving digital marketing strategy for lawyers.

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