Reinforcing Your Brand Series #6 – Straight Talk and Attorney Insights

Another category proven very successful for our clients is what we call Straight Talk and Attorney Insights. Straight Talk is informational, where you speak specifically about all things legal. Attorney Insights is the more personal side of that; why you do what you do, how you feel about what you do, what makes you “tick”.

  • Both approaches are important because they create an additional opportunity for potential clients to get to KNOW you, to TRUST you and to LIKE you.
  • Many accident victims don’t call a lawyer because they don’t understand the process and don’t understand the language (legalese). It is imperative to a prospective client that you can be straightforward and thorough, without being overcomplicated. Potential clients need to trust that you won’t look down on them if they ask for your help.
  • Straight Talk and Attorney Insight campaigns allow you to be you; to provide valuable information, and help potential clients make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
  • These campaigns are prime opportunities to demonstrate your brand promise and promote your firm in a manner that you want your firm to be represented.

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