Reinforcing Your Brand Series #1 – Campaigns That Make Us Laugh

Legal advertising is often perceived as a serious and somber realm, where
weighty matters of the law take center stage. While the gravity of these issues should
never be undermined, there’s a compelling case to be made for infusing a touch of
humor into your overarching creative strategy in this otherwise firm advertising

  • Societal experts agree that one of the things that truly connects us as human
    beings is laughter.
  • Emotional reactions such as smiling or laughing releases endorphins, creating
    a positive association with what we just experienced.
  • Humor is an attention grabber in a crowded advertising landscape, whether
    that’s on-air or online.
  • It allows for enhanced message recall.
  • Humor triggers an effective response. When people find an ad funny, they
    experience positive feelings, leading to a favorable attitude towards the brand.
  • Amusing commercials are up to 80% more likely to be shared either by word of
    mouth or social media, creating a greater impact.
  • Because humor in legal advertising is unexpected, the impact tends to be more
    The emotional connection triggered by a gentle smile or hint of amusement between
    brand and viewer is exactly what you want to achieve!
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