Legal Television Creative That Produces Results

It’s not a stretch to group 95% of all legal commercials aired today in the same category: “It’s all about me.” Too often we see TV ads—even from some of largest firms spending the most money in a given market—that focus almost exclusively on the lawyer or law firm.

Want your legal advertising to stand out among the crowd? Get out of the 95% and into the 5%.

Some of the most successful campaigns in the legal space today flip the egocentric “It’s all about me” ads of the past completely upside down – focusing instead on the victim.

An Animated Ad Twist

The animated commercial below is a prime example of how we helped one firm shift from a message lost in the masses to a new asset that places them solidly in that golden 5%.

These clever and creative commercials thoughtfully reposition real-life legal dilemmas through emotional scenarios that immediately connect with victims. Not only do these impactful “it’s all about you” ads drive new leads and phone calls, they also take the pressure off lawyers to squeeze an entire “biography” into a 30- or 60-second commercial.

It works because viewers are caught off guard. They’re used to tuning out serious legal ads that misuse shock value and scare tactics while also missing an opportunity to talk directly to victims about real problems. This animated ad grabs attention through entertaining visuals and an engaging voiceover while ultimately positioning the law firm as a viable ally when dealing with cynicism and questions about insurance companies.

This is just one example of an ad that’s cutting through the clutter. There are endless ways a marketing and advertising firm can help spin your message away from your lawyers—and toward your potential clients. However all of these modern twists on legal advertising have three essential elements in common:

The 3 Essential Elements of Legal Advertising

1. They are born out of research.

The smartest advertising commercials and campaigns in the legal marketplace today are positioned squarely against the competition. These ads stand out not only because of their victim-positioned messaging, but because they’re saying something differently than every other law firm in the region.

You can’t prove your new creative will work unless you’ve surveyed what commercials are already playing in your market, which firms are using what messaging and how the current leaders are making their mark. The most effectual contemporary ads are the most deeply researched.

2. The production stands out.

Whether your advertising firm is helping you design fresh, eye-catching animation, setting up live action in a studio or onsite, or choosing believable talent that will authenticate your message, stay focused on production.

Don’t get so blindside by crafty creative that you skimp on how that commercial is produced—and therefore viewed and digested by your target audiences. Remember, television is a predominately visual medium. Commercials that create a buzz are the ones that trigger a psychological reaction in a crisp, clear and graphic way.

3. They ask for what they want.

Traditional legal ads might tell a whole story about a law practice’s background, big settlements and go-getting lawyers. But often they leave the viewer in the lurch about connecting all the dots: “Oh, they’re a big, proven firm so I should call them about my legal issue.” While it might sound like an intuitive conclusion, this is simply too much of a jump for a passive viewing audience.

Victims watching TV need direct, engaging and authoritative messages that quickly tap into a problem they’re wresting with right now—and need to solve fast. The most productive ads simply ask for what they want—and what they want a victim to do—through a compelling story line and a complementary call to action.