Legal Advertising Consultants Give You the Competitive Edge

Think back on the best coach in your life. It doesn’t have to be in sports. It could be any mentor who helped guide you and teach you things that not only applied to baseball or guitar or debate team tactics, but a broader understanding of why caring, commitment and creativity matter—in any activity.

An advertising coach is no different. These people are special, media-focused individuals—within a marketing and advertising agency—who have the right combination of experience, savvy and social skills to guide you along a path to making your firm successful. At Network Affiliates, our expert coaches have more than 439 combined years of industry experience. Our goal? To help you outsmart the competition and make your whole team of lawyers or legal employees shine.

“Coaching is an action, not a title and actions result in successes!” – Byron & Catherine Pulsifer

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With all that experience in mind, here are some of the ways a savvy advertising coach can help you—every time you go to bat.

Leadership. Lawyers have no shortage of ideas, especially when it comes to legal advertising. But that doesn’t mean they’re always good ones or will be most effective in the marketplace. Having an experienced professional who is as knowledgeable about advertising as your attorneys are about law can provide ongoing leadership and direction, facilitating easier decision-making and saving the firm inordinate time, money and resources.

Cohesion. An action-oriented coach rallies the team to dig deep and win, or in some cases learn from a mistake or loss and give it another go. Likewise an advertising coach can help create more cohesion among lawyers with differing opinions, skill levels and playing prowess. Having an advertising consultant who is passionate about the “game” of marketing can lead your law firm to cooperating on more driven and focused advertising messages, strategy and execution.

Accountability. A proficient coach expects players to show up to every practice—on time and ready to work. So does a legal advertising coach. That translates to ensuring your legal TV ads, for example, are produced and disseminated properly—on time and on budget—and continuing to check in to make sure the marketing game plan is working the way it should. On the flipside, if creative misses the mark, your advertising coach should know when to pull the commercial, change the message or try a new formation.

These are just a few ways that having a marketing mentor by your side can help your firm—and your legal advertising—win in the end.

With 30+ years under our belt, Network Affiliates strongly believes in providing first-class coaching and guidance to all of our clients.

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