Let the nominations begin!

As we begin prepping for our Spring 2024 client meeting, we turn our attention
to… drum roll please…The NetAffies! As a reminder, The NetAffies are own very own
version of the Oscars. We gather up the “best of the best” campaigns submitted by each
of our clients, we give them a grand showing at our private client meeting and then each
attendee votes for their favorites.

With so much amazing creativity and client collaboration, the field will be tight this year.
And that’s the way we like it! Just like last year, dazzling trophies and generous prizes
will be awarded. Here are photos of last year’s winners; Carr & Carr, Aaron Sachs &
Associates and Colombo Law.

The NetAffies are a fun way for our clients to share their successes and receive some
well-earned recognition amongst their peers. While not everyone gets a trophy,
everyone’s a winner at NetAff!

Network Affiliates… where collaboration and creativity redefine legal advertising.