September is Baby Safety Month

Case Study- Baby Safety and The Frickey Law Firm

September is Baby Safety Month, which was a perfect alignment for The Frickey Law, a Denver based firm. The goal was creating relevant and informative content around car safety for children. Since the firm specializes in car accidents, the infographic was a perfect visual to entice site and social media visitors to engage with the firm.

We started by researching common car injuries for children. Then, we designed a large infographic and posted it on the site and the firm’s social media profiles. The digital team reached out to influential people in the space like local bloggers, parenting groups and national child safety websites. The outreach had one goal: Get the infographic and firm’s name in front of new audiences.

The infographic’s goal was keeping The Frickey Law Firm top-of-mind and driving site traffic using social media and outreach. The measure of success was get the Baby Safety Infographic to rank in the first position of Google Image Search for September… Take a look and see how we did!

Video Transcription: 

Meet the Frickey Law Firm they understand that it’s impossible to create more need for legal services so when the time comes they’d better be top of mind and here’s how social media fit their need to build more awareness of the Firm. They partnered with Network Affiliates to produce a baby safety infographic to be launched during Baby Safety Awareness Month.

The audience was identified as parents moms (eat the stuff up), between the age of twenty and 44 living within 50 miles of Denver. Facebook was chosen as the primary social channels in this gave us a target market 200,000 people.

We set our success calls for the campaign to be awareness at the firm shares of our infographic and a place on Google image search results for baby safety because all of these accomplish the objective of top of mind awareness.  So how did we do?

We generated over 182,000 impressions, nearly 1300 clicks over 100 likes and got 19 shares and drove over 900 people to the firm’s website and best of all our infographic to be found in the number one position on the Google Image Search. With awareness like this it’s safe to say the freaky law firm saw a positive ROI for the efforts.