The advent of the internet brought a plethora of new ways to market your law firm to consumers. While online advertising is vital to your success, broadcast advertising is still prominent.

Broadcast advertising casts a wide net; one that catches the attention of people from a variety of demographics. From production to media buying, Network Affiliates provides all the broadcast advertising solutions you could ever need.

Television Advertising

The way people watch TV today has changed a lot over the last decade, but they’re still tuning in and consuming more hours of programming than ever before. Television remains the most effective method of advertising for reaching large, varied audiences.

It’s the best way to introduce yourself to potential clients “face to face,” show them who you are, and ensure your firm will be their first choice when it matters most. But before you embark on your television adventure, it’s important to know the “rules” of advertising for TV:

Rule #1: One size fits… No one.

There is no such thing as the perfect, all encompassing marketing solution. That’s why Network Affiliates offers personalized services that fit the needs and goals of your firm.

Rule #2: It’s not all about you

Never forget who you’re speaking to. Potential clients want to identify with you and your values. Things like testimonials or memorable stories can go a long way to making yourself relatable. Network Affiliates will help you make something unique that creates an emotional connection with your prospective clients.

Rule #3: Set yourself apart

Your commercials need to stand out. We develop every campaign from scratch to create an unparalleled experience combining sight, sound, motion, and emotion to grab the viewer’s attention.  Great design and great copy lend credibility toward your firm and distinguishes you from the competition.

Rule #4: Not all that glitters costs as much as gold

Network Affiliates isn’t just a “full service agency,” we’re a full service agency with impressive in-house production facilities. Our stage, sound studio, and editing facilities make for efficient turn around from our creative team. Best of all, it means you get one-of-a-kind ads that are unique, memorable, effective, and extremely cost efficient to produce.

Media Buying

Our media buying team has mastered the art and science of placing advertising in the right place at the right time.

Audience Driven Media Purchasing

Our business is knowing everything about yours. Our media team understands your clients’ perspective: their lifestyles, their preferences, their mannerisms, all in the name of devising the perfect plan to get their attention.

Data Driven Media: Form Follows Function

We invest in the best tools and research data the industry has to offer. Our approach to media buying is data driven and revolves around extensive research on your target demographic and geographical region.

Post Buy Analysis

This is where we sit down and review the results of your campaign. Did the Nielsen ratings turn out like we expected? Did we meet our buying goals? Did the stations and programs deliver the viewers we were promised?

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Keep your friends close and your competition closer. We utilize resources that help us monitor your competitors so we’ll know what they’re spending, which will help us stay ahead of the curve.

Pulling the Broadcast Trigger

Many small law firms think that broadcast advertising isn’t for them. When we ask our clients why they believe that, we typically get one of two responses:

#1: “I can’t afford to produce a TV or radio commercial.”
#2: “Even if I can afford to produce a commercial, there’s no way I can afford to place it in a time slot where it will be seen or heard by prospective clients.”

At Network Affiliates, we realize that taking the leap of faith required to enter the broadcast world can be daunting. We know you have concerns about your budget and the time investment required to produce broadcast marketing materials.

Yes, making commercials and placing media buys requires a financial investment. But the return on investment can be invaluable to a law firm.

We’re here to help. When you schedule a free consultation with Network Affiliates, we’ll sit down with you to talk about your needs and budget, and work to develop a broadcast marketing strategy that makes you comfortable and accomplishes your goals.