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Becoming a Legal TV Advertiser: What It Takes to Reach That Level of Success

Many attorneys think getting ahead of their competition can be as simple as running an ad on television. After all, no other medium puts you in such direct and immediate contact with so many potential clients.

We’re here to tell you: there’s nothing “simple” about it.

Just think about the TV ads you’ve seen in your own market. Some of them are great. Most are not. And many are costing attorneys way too much money because they aren’t being produced, packaged, and targeted strategically.

So how do you orchestrate a legal TV advertising campaign that puts your law firm atop all your competitors?

Let’s take a look at real and actionable ways you can get in on the TV game — the right way.

It’s All in Your Head: Why Your Mindset Matters More Than Anything

Television advertising is a commitment and an investment. Decide today that you will take your law firm to the next level. Making that choice, consciously and deliberately, is probably the most important ingredient in the whole recipe.

Because here’s the thing: attorney commercials work. They absolutely work.

Did you know that in 2015, legal advertising ranked #6 in the Top 20 Broadcast Advertisers? That’s an incredible statistic. When you think about every industry, every product, every service, and every advertiser in all of American commerce, law firms are in the top six.

They’re there for a reason, and it isn’t just ego. Television is a powerful, proven engine for law firm growth. In fact, TV advertising for attorneys has grown by 68% in the last eight years alone (even as most other industries’ investment levels stayed flat).

That’s why your mindset matters so much. Your competitors are investing in TV advertising left and right, and they’re getting new clients, better cases, and bigger profits as a result.

It Takes a Little Time: The Attorney TV Advertising Lifecycle

Television’s real power is in the long term and the benefits are too substantial for you to give up on after a few weeks or months. We encourage our television advertising clients to approach this market with the seriousness and patience it deserves.

For instance, imagine a working mother who lives fifteen minutes down the road from your office. She works hard every day, and as a reward, she watches her fair share of TV at night. Every night when she turns on the TV, she sees commercials from multiple law firms. Now, she might not have a lawsuit on her hands today, tomorrow or next week… but she’s exposed to the messaging anyway, and your firm is making an impression. The next time she needs a lawyer; wouldn’t you want your firm to be included in her consideration phase?

Now, envision the tens of thousands of individuals and families in your community that you can also consistently reach through the airwaves. The next time they need a lawyer; wouldn’t you want your firm to be included in their consideration phase?

Once you decide to go after all that TV offers, commit yourself, your firm, your staff, and your budget to at least 16-24 months in support of that decision.

Will It Be the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made?

Most of our legal TV advertising clients will tell you this is the single best investment decision they’ve ever made.

If you approach it earnestly and strategically, there is a reasonable likelihood you will say the very same thing.

While other kinds of marketing can confer many worthwhile benefits, TV advertising remains the clearest available path to measurable law firm growth.

Why Can’t Your Attorney Commercials Be the Most Successful Attorney Commercials?

Ask yourself that question! There’s no good answer, because the truth is your firm can reach that level of success. You just need the right strategy and the right partner to make it happen.

We Are the Pioneers.

At Network Affiliates, we know a thing or two about TV advertising for lawyers because we literally created one of the very first.

When the U.S. Supreme Court allowed law firms to embrace television back in 1977, it was our founder, Norton Frickey, who led the charge. He assembled a team that continues to lead the industry to this very day.

We invite you to learn more about our philosophy on television marketing for law firms, including examples of our work and our Four Golden Rules.

Or, even easier — just give us a call. Ask how we can help. Our expert legal marketing professionals are ready to talk. Dial (888) 461-1016 or contact us online. Let’s grow your business.