Localize a message and add immediacy to your marketing playbook with radio advertising. Cut through the noise of other media channels and track real-time results to see how your investment dollars work on the airwaves.

We love radio advertising. In fact, nearly 75 percent of our clients have utilized radio in combination with other media. But don’t take our word for it—the numbers do all the talking:

  • Radio is the third most powerful medium in the country
  • 54 percent of the U.S. population interacts with radio daily
  • In 2017, 61 percent of Americans tuned in to online radio
  • There are 81 million active users on Pandora
  • And guess what? Millennials are the largest demographic tuning in

Video did not kill the radio star, and we can prove it. Call today at 888-461-1016 or contact us online to get your message on the radio. 

Turn Up the Volume

Our media buying team has years of industry experience and they know what works. Plus, Network Affiliates invests heavily in platforms that carefully track data so our media buyers can optimize station selections and air times for your firm.

The best part: radio advertising is cost effective! Reach potential clients at a fraction of the cost as TV or print advertising. Combine radio advertising with other media, or use it alone and get great results.

Radio advertising is most effective at:

  • Building brand awareness and intimacy with a local market
  • Adding immediacy to an offering
  • Breaking through the noise of cluttered print or TV advertising
  • Establishing credibility and maintaining a steady, community presence
  • Utilizing repetition to ingrain a message, slogan, or brand

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Find Your Voice with the Network

Here’s what to expect from us: Our expert media buyers will help define your market and negotiate competitive rates that work for your budget.

Be as creative as you want with radio advertising. Our production team is ready to articulate your ideas or lead the charge on something new.

Plus, we’ll make it easy for your firm to track, analyze, and adjust your investment, so you can be sure your marketing dollars are working hard.

Ready to make some noise? Make a statement in your community with effective radio advertising.

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